Development of Stages 2 & 3 of Kesk-Peetri project gets underway

All six of the apartment buildings constituting Stage 1 of the development of the Kesk-Peetri residential district were completed by autumn 2020, offering 126 new apartments. Construction in Stages 2 & 3 of the development was launched in late summer when work commenced on the seventh apartment building. A further 122 apartments will be added during Stage 2. The apartment buildings being constructed during this stage will complement the existing apartments architecturally in a continuation of the practical and yet tasteful style of Stage 1 of the development. Each of the two- to four-room apartments will come with their own terrace or balcony. We will be continuing to offer the interior finishing solutions and materials that proved popular with initial home-buyers. Parking will be concentrated along the newly completed Kopli Road, with the car-free zone between the buildings being reserved for recreation and relaxation.

Development and improvement of Kesk-Peetri’s infrastructure has been at the heart of the residential project: the Küti Road extension was completed and handed over to the local government in summer 2019, while the extension to Kopli Road (connecting the existing street section to Küti Road) is set to be handed over in autumn 2020. In addition to drivers, attention has also been turned to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as to street lighting. The new street sections around Kesk-Peetri have significantly added to the local network of walking and bike tracks.

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