Triple Net Capital gained homebuyers approval

Based on the newly published study by Kantar Emor, Triple Net Capital is among the top five of Estonia’s most prestigious real estate developers in 2022, next to other praised companies like Liven, Merko, Invego. We are honored and glad that we have moved among the best of the real estate developers, and this is based on the feedback of home buyers and those interested in buying.

25 real estate developers were involved in the study. The needs of residents planning to buy real estate in Tallinn or its immediate surroundings and the experiences of apartment owners who have recently bought were mapped. The ranking was formed based on three options – the attractiveness of the development, the success and the attitude of the company.

According to the owners and team of our company, the recognition from the end-user is especially valuable and confirms that we have moved in the right direction during the six years of operation so far. Triple Net Capital has a large portfolio of residential projects under construction and in the development phase, and the work on maintaining and growing the trust of home buyers continues.

Thank you to our home buyers and cooperation partners!

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